Wednesday, July 20, 2005

President Bush Makes A Good Choice

It seems to me that President Bush has selected well in nominating Judge John Roberts. He has held to his oath of office to "defend the Constitution" by selecting a man whose intellect and integrity are well known. It is my hope that Judge Roberts will be confirmed without a lot of partisan bickering that only weakens our democracy. I voted for President Bush keeping in mind not only his resolve to protect our nation by confronting those who would destroy us but also because a SCOTUS vacancy(s)was likely. It is my hope that Judge Roberts with his vast knowledge of the law will base his decisions on what the Constitution actually says and not on a personal ideology.


  1. I think there will be plenty of partisan bickering... but I agree that this was a good choice.

  2. Like the rest of us, I'm praying that this turns out to be a good choice.