Thursday, July 14, 2005

I Have Questions

I have a few questions that roll around in my mind. If anyone has answers, feel free to comment.

1. When is America going to wake up and unite in a common goal of preserving our freedoms and our way of life? I have to admit fault in allowing our country to drift by not being more engaged in considering events over the years while I was busy working and caring for my family. I was not acutely aware of media bias and did not seek multiple sources before accepting "facts" as presented by the major networks on TV and in the newspaper. The terrorist's attacks on our soil alarmed me far more than those on American interests outside of the USA. In this I was not alone, but the question remains--why, when all of the assaults on our nation by militant Islamofascists are listed, some people not convinced that we are in a fight for the continued freedoms we have?

2. How can Americans fail to appreciate what our military have accomplished in liberating millions of people who have lived under the most sadistic rulers in two nations which have been very active in their support of terrorism?
As a nation, we have a long history of generosity toward people who do not enjoy a good standard of living. Sometimes our generosity has a good outcome and sometimes it has a less desirable outcome as when we throw money and aid at a people only to have it end up enlarging the bank account of some dictator and his militia which worsens the problems of the people we are trying to help.

3. Who will defend us if our military cannot recruit in our schools? It has always been our brightest and best who have formed our military. Even when the draft was the manner in which great numbers entered the military, it was those who were mentally and physically fit who were drafted. Nobody wants to send our children off to fight and possibly die or be maimed for life and yet we find people who have willingly joined our military despite these threats. Actively discouraging or blocking access to recruiters seems counter productive to me. It is through the youthful enthusiasm and idealism that we have a hope of defeating the very real threat to our way of life.

4. When will we silence those people who slander the entire military because of less than exemplary behavior of a few, because they hate those elected by the majority
of voters, or because they enjoy being in the spotlight and therefore create controversy? Aiding and abetting the enemy was a crime prior to Vietnam. In WWII we used to say, "Loose lips sink ships." Now it seems that anyone can utter the most hateful accusations against those defending us and fuel the fire in the dark hearts of those who wish to kill us. By silencing, I am not advocating violence against the persons but rather than saner voices speak out, that the media begin supporting our nation, voters reject them when they come up for renewed terms in office, and boycott the products of their slander against our nation.


  1. Bodacious8:31 AM

    I have the same questions. I, too, was busy raising a family and took the news I did hear as the truth (being sure the journalists and media were all objective). Now I feel sorry for busy young people, because what news they have time to hear is slanted to the liberal point of view if they watch the major networks and read the regular newspapers like the New York Times, etc. It still boggles my mind how hateful the liberals are toward the Bush administration and take every little rumor and run with it before they even find out if it is true. There have always been disagreements with whomever was in power, but not the hate I have seen in the last 5 years. Dah, George W. Bush won the election and therefore deserves to be supported and next time the people can vote it whichever candidate they want and then support who wins.

  2. Dittos on the concerns.

    Everytime I read one of those stories (usually on Michelle Malkin's site) about some leftie school administrator or college board banning the military I want to scream.

  3. 1. Preserving our way of life and freedom can often be contradictory things. Unfortuneatly these days we see Traditionalism trumping liberty. I would say a super majority of people believe we're in a fight for our freedoms, the split comes on what freedom is, and who the enemy to those freedoms are, the Islamofascists, or our own Incompetent (At least in matters of International Relations and Military Strategy) Government.

    But most "Liberals" you meet aren't arguing against the current Administration over true freedom, no, with power they would establish institutionalized theft, glorified as a welfare state. They don't even really know why they don't like the War, they certainly don't have the moral highround arguing against a War against Tyranny, and they don't have the expertise to debate the practical merits of such a war. They argue against it because their Political culture is inundated with the remanants of Hippie Peace on Earth or Communism's succesful ability to get Western protestors only protesting the wars of Capitalists.

    2. I'm not always certain why others don't appreciate it but I do know why I don't. We're conducting this War on Terrorism like anal sex on a virgin without lubrication or a condom. The places we have invaded have never experienced a Secular, Constitutional Republic that protects the rights of the people. We haven't prepped them either with well supported Freedom Guerilla movements (Whose goal is political, gain increasing acceptance of the movement and weaken the current Government). Then you can invade when the populace is accepting. No instead our President like a stupid kid is gonna go in and pull out with shit on our cock and a bleeding asshole in our wake. It would be insane to expect success with such a dismally ineffective counter to the kind of enemy we're up against.

    When your enemy is trying to make a foundation for increasing friction between the Muslim and Western worlds so as to spawn a much grander conflict (Which through attrition makes us lose more than they do) you do not go and hasten your way to that grander conflict through half-hearted conventional retaliation.

    3. Liberals are lost, period, what they want out of denying recruiters in schools is beyond me. I myself am in the Army because of information I got from recruiters at my High School.

    4. There is no mainstream slandering of the Military, your political opposition goes out of its' way to deny accusations that they are not supporting the troops. And in this case they are right, you're trying to cast your opponents in an unfair light through gross exaggeration and outright false accusations. What kind of hateful accusations of the Military do you hear by the Liberal core and majority?