Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A View I Agree With

"If the Constitution is to again be seen as a finished document that has been refinished in recent years, the president must foreswear any talk of 'moderation' and 'conciliation' in his choice of court nominees. Truth cannot be moderated. ... The president owes the country an ideological battle, which he can win if he is willing to fight it. ... He should not only campaign for his nominee(s), he should act like a teacher, quoting the Federalist Papers and the Constitution and making his case that this great document served America well until some judges began tampering with it." --Cal Thomas
It would appear that the Civics classes I had as a youth are no longer taught in our schools. We studied the Constitution of the United States along with much of the literature of that time. In history we learned of the fall of the Roman Empire and the culture changes that weakened that once strong government. Will we continue to allow our Constitution, which has served us so well, to be changed in it's meaning in order to adapt to cultural changes in our nation. Will we no longer recognize that there is a Supreme Being who has blessed this meltingpot because we tried to follow the supreme laws given us and recognized in some form by the major religions?


  1. Bodacious10:09 AM

    Ditto, I also agree with Cal Thomas' viewpoint.

  2. Amen! Tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST) live, the President will let us know who he has chosen. Yippee!