Monday, July 04, 2005

Obscure Patriot

I learned a new bit of history today at the milblog written by Hurl.

I highly recoimmend reading about this patriot who gave so much of his personal finances to assist the military and fledgling government of these United States. Stop by Hurl's blog and let him know how much we appreciate the service and sacrifice of the troops who are safeguarding us at home so that we may celebrate the 4th in safety without any major sacrifice on our part. Hurl's BLOG: Obscure Patriot: "For this Fourth of July, I would like to draw attention to an obscure patriot that was tremendously significant to the founding of our country. The following account, reprinted here in full, is the best of about half a dozen that I have read - drawing from various sources.
�Haym Saloman and the Lost Pages of American History�"

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