Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Best and Worst of America

First the good. Americans are responding with donations of money for the various and worthwhile agencies to provide relief to those who are now homeless due to the hurricane. While I am not well to do, my contribution will join with the large and small donations to alleviate much of the suffering. The State of Texas is leading the nation in reaching out to provide housing, schooling etc. I have never been to Texas but it surely makes me believe in the goodness of the people of Texas.

The worst encompasses all those who have nothing to do but criticize. It is the fault of President Bush, governors, or anyone who believes this nation is made up of basically good people. The American bashers are out in full force whether their gripes are that they hate our current leaders, despise our military who risk their lives and leave the comforts of home and family to protect us or those malcontents who despise those with moral or religious convictions that guide their lives and judgements. Law breakers were released from jails to avoid death in facilities that would flood. Those with a weak grasp on their mental health have been stressed beyond any sense of reasonable behavior and joinedd the criminal element so now we have armed looters/terrorists who are shooting at the very people striving to help those in desperate need.

Undoubtedly the emergency disaster planning will be revisited. Plans will be developed to hopefully prevent this from happening again, BUT FOR NOW can we just
do whatever we can to help ease the human suffering and stop bashing the leaders, the planners, the citizens who did not heed the evacuation alert. Please contribute what you are able to help our fellow citizens.


  1. Thanks for the good comments about Texans, Pat! In general, we do tend to be pretty hospitable! Our schools are making adjustments for the kids, our colleges are talking about finding ways to help the college students. Even all the way down in Corpus Christi, our churches are finding many different ways to help.

    The blogburst (which I have done a small amount of blogging about ;-) )for Katrina aid has topped $100,000. (Ok, my blog has not had a BIG part in things, but it has had a part.) So the best in people is coming out in many different ways right now.

    As to the mercy to the Lords of the Flies.....(my nickname for idiots who are protecting their "turf" and refusing to allow rescue workers in.)

  2. Pat this is quite well done, I think I'll be cross posting it, cause my brain can't function to write very well, today my baby daughter signed the papers at MEPS, she is now officially Air Force. And I'm pooped!