Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Soldier's Letter From Iraq

As a member of a writing team of Soldier's Angels, I write to two new soldiers each week. I always tell them I am willing to write again if they send me a brief note or Email. One young soldier wrote the following letter and I think it is important to share his thoughts.

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your letter. It's so nice to know that people are thinking of us over here. I feel that it's unfortunate that there
are those wishing for us to lose this war to achieve political victories and possibly shame the current administration

Since when did it become a crime to love your country. Since when is dethroning a murderous dictator war mongering. As much as I dislike being here away from my family, the more I am here I realize the great thing that America is doing, not just for Iraq but for the whole world.

Unfortunately, these days it's more important to be right than to support your country. Thus the liberal 'know it alls' who can't stand it when America succeeds. I personally feel that there are 3 controversial arguments that the liberals are on the wrong side of'
Issues that lost them the election
1-Abortion-honestly most Americans oppose it
2-Gay marriage, and though we shouldn't judge, marriage is fine the way it is
3-Bush Bashing/The War on Terror - I have never seen a campaign run without a platform before. Popularity built on spite and diven by anger, can the devil's influence be more apparent.


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  1. Oh Pat,

    That letter is truly a blessing. I would treasure it.
    Thanks for posting this...
    I wish more soldiers knew how many Americans actually are very pro on such topics...
    That Demo in DC, I think worried some, but fear not, here is the best post re: the turnout in DC by Soldier's Angel Holly: