Thursday, September 22, 2005

Precious Lives

Just saw the first advertisement on TV by the Gold Star Mothers. The ad is well done and I sympathize with those who have lost loved ones. The young widow with the baby her husband never held is especially sad. That said, I wonder how these bereaved people can be so blind about the very real threat of terrorism. Do these women realize who the groups are that are funding and managing the PR campaign? What do they think of the bereaved from previous wars who defended our nation to protect their freedom of speech? Do they really feel Americans are the only people in this world that deserve freedom from dictators? Should we really pull our troops out and leave the Iraqi people to the fate that befell those left behind when we pulled out of Vietnam? Are American lives more precious than any other? I understand that they have lost precious people but the heroes gave their lives to give other precious lives a better future.

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  1. Keep in mind the Cindy Sheehan anti-America movement has hijacked the group name of Gold Star Mothers. The first (and still very active) group to adopt the American Gold Star Mothers is the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. That group is totally unaffilitated with Sheehan and her ilk. Cindy Sheehan and her ghouls have hijacked the "Gold Star" name and call themselves Gold Star Families for Peace. Or sometimes they call themselves Gold Star Mothers for Peace.