Friday, September 02, 2005

My Thoughts

Watching the news, reading blogs and online news articles is to say the least, depressing. I do not understand why in national emergency be it war or disaster that so many criticize and play politics. Undoubtedly there will be reviews of how this emergency has been handled and faults in the planning or lack thereof will be identified and hopefully corrected. Again, Texas leads the way in that they had plans as to how to respond to a disaster. They set up the Astrodome with speed and had cots, blankets and personal care articles ready for the survivors arriving from New Orleans. This is an example of good planning along with the willingness to help out the people of another state when there is a need.

I read the many hateful comments about the response of our federal services and in particualr President Bush. They seem to forget he declared a state of emergency before the hurricane hit. I do not see that those of us who believe in states rights expect that the federal government would take the lead until notified of specific needs by the local and state officials who have the primary responsibility for their citizens. The National Guard is available when called up by a governor, and any request for Coast Guard, Army and Navy resources could be deployed since a state of emergency had already been called. It seems that no matter what President Bush does or does not do is wrong by some people. At one time he is a dictator who controls everything and then he is a wimp who is unable to control anything.

The criminals who are raping, mugging and killing need to be stopped. The survivors of the devestation need to be cared for until they can find housing and work. We need to pull together as Americans and help instead of trying to assert the great wisdom of hindsight.


  1. You hit the pin right square on top! That is what I have been saying. We are all American citizens of the greatest union of states in the world! (Except for the 12M, but this is not the time to speak of this.)

    I agree with you 100%. I just pray I have enough sense to remember this when a Democrat is in office. I believe I will.

    How are you doing? I hope you are well. This would be a good article to put people in the right context over at our site. It certainly shows love for our citizens. Thank you. God bless you. :)

  2. Dear Pat,

    First, I apologize for intruding on your blog.

    I will start off by posting what I wrote on the Hurricane (I have written much more on the horrific traged of Katrina on my blog).

    I am posting it here because it was banned on Sam's Hammorabi blog. Since you visit there, it is only right for you to read what I wrote since he chose to delete my comments.

    You can now judge for yourself.

    America has always been up there, in the limelight, somewhere everyone wanted to visit, work or live in.

    Was it the freedoms afforded its citizens that added to its allure? The vast land of opportunity? Was it the glare of Hollywood lenses beaming into the homes of billions around the world?

    I spent a few years as a child here a long, long time ago. In the streets of New York and the suburbs of Austin, TX.

    No matter what drew you to America, you couldn't help but sit aghast and watch the images of New Orleans, Rockport and Biloxi on television screens. So much carnage, so much devastation.

    And so much anger. From CNN to FOX to MSNBC to BBC and DW, every news report is carrying some sort of criticism. I just heard exercpts from a radio interview with the Mayor of New Orleans and he was enraged - criticizing Bush, the National Guard, the lack of food and water and aid.

    Matt Fry of the BBC is reporting that up to 10,000 people may have died in the last few days - both in during and in the aftermath of Katrina.

    I am almost at a loss for words. You cannot stand in the face of the gravity of this human calamity and not be reduced to your most basic element - your humanness, if I may compose a new term.

    Does it really matter where you are from? What church or mosque you go to? Does death make that distinction? No. Then why should we?

    Up to 10,000 killed in what people are calling the worst disaster in US history. One thousand killed in an Iraq stampede and dozens more under US and insurgent fire. Dozens killed in Paris apartment fires.

    Death and violence. Violence and death. Yet we still differentiate between color, creed...smell.

    Will we ever learn?

  3. Dear Pat,

    Here is what I posted on Sam's blog which he saw fit to remove.

    Hey guys, Bring em on. Honestly, like your asinine attempts make a
    difference to me.

    Sam, you are racist and your blog advocates mass murder and genocide
    in Iraq. But when someone calls you up on it you call them names and hypocrites.

    You dont hesitate to differentiate between the Sunnis in Iraq and the
    foreign-bred and trained terrorists like Zarqawi and the other filth.

    I don't care about the Americans who come here. They will never
    understand Iraq and yet they preach to me as if they do.

    They learn a few Arab/Muslim names and quote some Iraq expert who
    can't speak a word of Arabic and think they can come and lecture me.

    What gall!

    But you aren't helping. You accuse me of being a Saddamist. What the
    hell is that? That's a new word created in the media to label people
    who protest against current trends.

    I was never a Baathist nor did I ever want to become one. I never
    supported Saddam nor did I fight him.

    My priority was, is, and will always be the good of the Iraqi people.
    All Iraqi people irrespective of their sect, color or creed.

    Do you live in Iraq? I do. I will be heading there in two weeks to
    continue my project in the north of Iraq, near Ba3shiqa and Ba7zani.

    Green Card? Hahah, nah, while I think America used to be the greatest
    nation on earth, I no longer think so. I would rather die in abject
    poverty than have a Green Card.

    Am only out to dispel the disinformation you spew here daily.

    Why don't you tell all your supporters here how you banned me from
    leaving comments. Go ahead.

    Do you ban everyone who disagrees with you, Sam?

    If that is the case, then you are simply displaying that Iraqis are
    not yet ready for democracy.

    Do you know what made America great Sam? Freedom of expression. But
    with that freedom comes obligation, a moral mature responsibility not
    to defame, slander or fabricate news and events.

    In the US, someone with your views and this blog would be on the
    fringes of committing a hate crime.

    Read the US constitution, Sam. You love democracy so much, but do you
    really understand what it says?

    It starts off with We the People. We the People, Sam. Not we the Shia
    and you the Wahabis. Not we the Azarites and you the heathen. Not we
    the white and you the black but WE THE PEOPLE.

    The US Constitution guarantees freedoms of religion, speech, writing
    and publishing, peaceful assembly, and the freedom to raise grievances
    with the Government. Raise grievances, Sam. As in protest. As in decry

    For you, that's punishable by banning. Cool, go ahead and ban comments
    you don't like, but that only defines you as a weak character, one who
    is prone to impulse and the incapacity to debate in a meaningful way.

    Your blog makes a distinction between what kind of people can and
    cannot be entitled to a free, stable and democratic Iraq.

    And my name is not Juan Cole.

    Sam, grow up. Your use of profanities and telling me to go to hell is
    very, very childish, my young friend.

    Can you not control your anger? Do you have such a hard time dealing
    with criticism?

    I am not Saudi nor do I support them. I don't deal in the Saudi Riyal
    nor do I want to.

    I don't know who killed the Shia on the bridge and neither do you.
    Accusations can fly left, right and center, but at the end no one
    really knows how it all started.

    It is a tragedy. And there are forces trying to start a civil war in
    Iraq, because they do not want us Iraqis to ever be strong again. To
    ever stand up on our own two feet.

    You are a party to those forces, Sam. Do you get paid to lie?

    You need to tell your readers that the Sunnis of Iraq are not behind
    this. Whom you choose to call Wahabis are not Iraqis.

    Zarqawi is not Iraqi.

    Ayman Al Zawahri is not Iraqi.

    The London bombers were not Iraqi, they were Pakistanis and Asians.

    And yes, millions of Sunnis suffered, NOT ONLY THE SHIA. How many
    Sunnis lost their homes to the Baathists? How many were executed by
    the Mukhabarat? During the sanctions, the Shia, Sunni, Christians,
    Jews, Turkmen and others all suffered. How many of us lost sons and
    brothers, father and uncles during the idiotic war with Iran?

    How many of us suffered because of Saddam's insane adventure in Kuwait?

    Suffering was not selective as you make it out to be.

    We all suffered. Together.

    Why do you tell half the story? Why do you lie? Why can't you have the
    courage to tell people who come here the whole truth? That is all I
    ask from you and you tell me to go to hell.

    Sorry, as long as you contine to lie, I will continue to be here to
    correct you. This will be our hell. The both of us. You lie and I
    write back.

    If your American fan club wants to believe you, that's their option.
    But I do what I must do as a conscientious Iraqi who loves Iraq. Who
    loves all Iraqis whether they be Sunni, Shia, Yazidi, Kurd, Turkomen,
    Chaldean, Assyrian, Sabaean, black, white, Mislawi, Baghdadi, Tikriti
    or Basrawi, Najafi, Karbali or from Anah.

    I don't differentiate between Iraqis, but you do by consistently
    highlighting Shia this and Shia that.

    It's a popular trend in the media and you are playing the role very, very well.

    As for Sheikh Qaradawi (not kharthawi - Are you even Arab, Sam? - are
    you sure you are Iraqi?) - he has recanted and withdrawn his support
    for suicide attacks. He has condemned suicide attacks in Iraq as
    anti-Islamic and called on all parties to refrain from doing so.

    He said resistance to the US occupation was legitimate but killing
    Iraqis and carrying out suicide bombings was not and abhorrent.

    There, Sam, you have been caught in YET another lie.

    Another lie is the one about Saudis and Osama bin Laden. Most Saudis
    today despise bin Laden and his misbegotten rabble of criminals and
    death worshippers. Even the US State Department has acknowledged this.

    Things changed in Saudi Arabia after the many attacks inside the country.

    When was the last time you visited Saudi Arabia, Sam? Have you asked
    the opinions of any Saudis, Sam?

    Here is an article from MSNBC on just that topic of the waning support
    for bin Laden and his cutthroats:

    Now to all the Americans who come here and display their obvious lack
    of debate skills. Let me make this perfectly clear (Gee, who said that
    before?): I think bin Laden is a murderer. He is not a Sheikh or any
    kind of religious person. He practises an Islam that I do not adhere

    Had bin Laden not been around, Iraq would have never been attacked and
    we wouldn't be in this mess.

    Furthermore, Zarqawi is also a murderer in my book. A depraved former
    child molester who is guilty of the slaughter of thousands of innocent

    These people, and all those like them, are filth that must be squashed.

    But they are NOT Iraqis. And they DO NOT speak in the name of Iraqi
    Sunnis or Muslims anywhere in the world.

    Their time is drawing to a near.

    I did not cheer when on 9/11 and I do not cheer when Americans suffer
    in Louisiana, Mississippi or elsehwere.

    Read my blog if you have the guts and see what I have said about the Hurricane.

    I wish some of you would really grow up. We're out of the sandbox now.

  4. Pat, I just to come back here and thank you for what you posted on my blog.

    This is what I wrote:


    God Bless you for speaking from the heart. If this world had more people like you who believed in the holiness of life and defended its sanctity we would be a much closer human family.

    This is the best message I have yet received from any reader of my blog.

    I hope your words act as a beacon of goodness and inspiration for other readers.

  5. Excellent sentiment. And thank you for your kind comments over at my site recently. This tragedy is such a horrible thing and it is compounded by the political looting of opportunists who see this only as a new weapon in their arsenal of attack. The level of hate and sadly, glee over the chance to attack Bush are downright depressing. Posts like yours remind us all that the majority of Americans are, at heart, kind and compassionate.