Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kudos To The National Weather Service

I read all of the condemnation of the response to Katina. This has become so politicized and so expensive in human costs as well as rebuilding. I have not read much about how fortunate we are that the weather officials have done such a terrific job of forecasting and tracking of these many storms. Considering the historical human costs when storms happened without fore knowledge I am so thankful we now have such capability in weather forecasts. It is my hope that people will begin to take these warnings seriously. The local, state and federal government surely have a responsibility to assist those who cannot evacuate without assistance to help them. For the able bodied it is their personal responsibility to remove themselves from danger be it by private or public transportation. I have little sympathy for those who defy the orders to evacuate or those who fail to plan ahead with emergency supplies. Where government failure to provide transportation to safe sanctuary is at fault, we need to assist the people. When people, who have the capability, fail to evacuate I lose sympathy.

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