Friday, September 16, 2005

A Day of Prayer

Heavenly Father,
I come to you today to ask that you will preserve and protect those who have lost so much in the great storm. May they trust in you and have faith in their future. I pray that the leaders of the nation and those in the states affected will have the strength and wisdom to assist your people to rebuild their lives. Our nation has been blessed with many material things and comfortable living and our greatest blessing has been the willingness to care for our brothers and sisters in need. I thank you for the lives you have spared and pray that those who lost loved ones will be comforted.May we continue to serve you by helping in the many ways that will be needed. May the plans to promote development of skills to provide employment, new small businesses that lead to greater prosperity for the downtrodden and give renewed hope that they can have positive changes in their lives. May we learn lessons from this disaster so that we may be better prepared in future emergencies. May good come out of this disaster as we recognize not only the faults of this great nation but the many characteristics that helped build this nation. May self reliance of individuals increase and divisiveness decrease. May our people recognize that it is only though you that we may achieve these things. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

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