Friday, September 30, 2005

Howdy's BLOG-The Bad Body Armor Lie

I hae read about the troops having to buy their own armor. Read this blog from one who has served in Iraq.Howdy's BLOG: "The Bad Body Armor Lie
I usually try and not re-print drivel, but this one lie needs to be framed in the correct context There is nothing more of a lie than the notion that poor defenseless American boys and girls are poorly protected as they serve in Iraq. I re-printed this picture at left showing a wounded Marine being evacuated from a house in Fallujah. He's alive because of the armor he is wearing. They are removing a Marine from the fighting who lived because of the armor he had on; armor issued to him from the Marine Corps, not armor he bought.
Nothing goes more direct to the heart than the notion that Secretary Rumsfeld, Vice President Cheney or President Bush are defiantly trying to get Americans killed to save a buck.
That is an absolute lie."

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