Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Anti-Civil Liberties Union

Joseph Farrah writes in the World Net Daily

"As Americans are beginning to realize, the term 'separation of church and state' appears nowhere in the founding documents of this great country. The phrase does appear, however, in the constitution of the old Soviet Union and many other tyrannies.
Worse yet, the ACLU is having a chilling effect on religious expression in the public square across America. Today cities and towns across the country are discriminating against religious expression in all its forms for fear of facing lawsuits by the ACLU and other groups with a similar agenda."

This does not come as news to me, but it is somewhat heartening to see more of the Media discussing the removal of Christ from Christmas in efforts to be politically correct. Policies have been established to prevent the phrase Merry Christmas from advertising, from personal greetings to customers, from allowing Salvation Army bell ringers on store property, from town's parades, and Christmas music from any public school. On Fox news and MSNBC, guests are talking about the denial of the reason for the season. Jewish leaders as well as Christian leaders are against merging of Christian and Jewish Holy Days into politically correct generic terminology. Students are no longer learning of the religious heritage upon which our country was founded. It is hard to believe, but true, that in America students in some schools are not allowed to read such things as our Declaration of Independence because it mentions God.

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, I have been reading the blogs of Sunni, Shia and secular Iraqis. Most of the
writers are young adults in the third and fourth decade of their lives. Some are written by teenagers. I have learned a great deal about the Muslim religion, their belief in Allah and parts of the Quoran. They have taught us of their holidays, Ramadan and Eid. This is helpful in seeing the majority believe in God as they learned to understand what their prophet Mohammad had declared. They do not have the Ten Commandments as known in Judeo-Christian theology, but when I inquired, Najma a 16 year old girl, searched her Quoran and found scattered verses which paraphrase the commandments. In Mosul, they have Mosques known as the tombs of Moses and of Jonah. Yes, these are the Old Testament Moses and Jonah of Jonah and the whale.

Public schools in some areas of the country are teaching about Ramadan in efforts to expand students understanding of the Muslim faith while obliterating any mention of the Christian or Jewish faiths. This could be a good thing if part of a comparative religions course which helped students learn of the major world religions. This is, however, the secularist mandate for tolerance while demonstrating such intolerance for the faith of the majority of the country.

I find that knowing more of other faiths solidifies my own personal faith while increasing my general knowledge. I respect those of any faith who strive to live their lives accordingly. To me tolerance of others is a tenet of my faith. I believe that this can be said of the other major religions. Increasingly, in my mind, I link the ACLU and the Islamofascist terrorists as some of the most intolerant people inhabiting the earth. There is no tolerance for people of faith or people who do not follow perverted views of Islam.

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