Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"God bless all the lists"

Mohammad of Iraq writes:
"The electoral campaigns are heating up in Iraq and the elections are occupying greater portion of the Iraqis' thinking"

Iraqis' response to terror was so clear; after the terrorists, or the so called insurgents threatened to slaughter anyone who participates in the elections, 7200 Iraqis rushed to announce their candidacy. YES, 7200 Iraqis representing more than 200 different political parties and I believe this makes the image clearer for the viewer.

Even the lists of the religious parties included technocrats and liberals and all the lists tried to include Arabs, Kurds, Muslims (Sunni and She'at), Turkmen, Christians and even people from the Yazeedi and Subbi minorities.

Everyone I asked said that Sistani blessed all the lists through a written fatwa that I read and it was calling the people to vote for the best choice regardless of religion or ethnicity."

"Take the hands of your disabled and your elders and help them vote"
"No to forgiveness checks and false promises. Yes to a vision of reality"

These comments excerpted from Mohammed's post show an entirely different picture than that portrayed by the MSM. Yes, the terrorists are doing terribly violent things in order to prevent the election process from going forward. The Americans and others in the coalition are aiding the current government in many ways to assure the elections go forward but nobody is attempting to install a puppet government. Imagine over 7000 candidates within the 200 parties. Imagine 200 parties with the majority of them having members embracing the different ethnic and religious groups. Now explain to me why the liberation is the "wrong war" and that this quagmire will end in utter and complete defeat and that we need to leave now. The Iraqis have suffered for so many years and finally they see a chance to vote for their own leaders. How "wrong" is that?


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  1. I have marked my calandar for the 29th of January to pray for the elections to go smoothly, and for the safety of the Iraqi people. The time zone puts them eleven hours ahead of me.