Monday, December 06, 2004

A Morning To Remember

I wish I knew how people are able to cross through what they write. My title for this would have been interesting, frustrating, expensive morning.

I had an early morning routine doctor appointment today. I got ready and went out to the garage, opened the door and got in my car. I turned on the ignition and was greeted by a loud explosive sound under the hood. I called my son and requested he take me to the doctor's office. He again tried my car with the same result, a loud sound under the hood.
Off we went to the doctor's office and on to the pharmacy. Stopped by the mechanic that my son favors and he told them of the problem. Once at home I called my road insurance company to arrange for a tow. My son said he would push it out of the garage in the meantime. I am on the phone making arrangements for the tow to the mechanic when Carl came in with a stricken look and told me, "I wrecked your car." I looked at him and he said, "I'm not fooling mom. The car got away from me and backed into a tree. I wrecked your bumper and the trunk lid." He was doing me a favor, what could I say except "it is just worldly goods and nobody was injured." I think I convinced him that I really was not angry and am thankful for his willingness to help me and that stuff happens.
The car is on it's way to the mechanic and once they fix whatever the problem may be, we can drive it to our preferred body shop and get an estimate on fixing the body damage.


  1. < s t r i k e >Whatever you want struckthrough< / s t r i k e >

    Remove spaces and there you go.

    That was an awful morning! I hope I will be more grateful for mine.

  2. That's a bad day! At least it didn't roll into the street to be hit by someone--which I saw happen one time. And I'm glad to get the "strike" code from Will. Thanks.