Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Stem Cell Tale

IT NEVER FAILS. If an embryonic stem cell researcher issues a press release touting a purported research advance, the media trip over each other to give the story full dramatic fanfare. But if an even better adult or umbilical cord blood stem cell advance comes to light--even when the experiments involve humans--you can usually hear the crickets chirping.

"First, there is no moral controversy with either adult or cord blood stem cells. Thus, we could have medical cures without the accompanying heated political controversy. Second, unlike embryonic cells, neither adult nor umbilical cord blood stem cells have been found to cause tumors. "

For those who share my interest in stem cell research as well as my opposition to destroying embryos, I recommend this article.A Stem Cell Tale


  1. Absolutely right. But embryonic stem cell research is abortion-based, which is why they want it, regardless of its value.

  2. Actually, the end products of abortion are not the main source of the embryos. These embryos are too old. The scientists prefer harvesting ova and fertilising them in the lab and extracting stem cells within a few days of fertilization.