Wednesday, December 08, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Will of the people ignored again

Joseph Farrah writes that "Arizona's Proposition 200, approved by voters in that state by a comfortable margin of nearly 60 percent. Voters had placed the proposition on the ballot because of their outrage that federal immigration laws were being ignored, permitting their state to be overrun by illegal aliens, and because they felt powerless to keep Arizona from being destroyed fiscally and culturally as a result."
This proposition, voted for by the of citizens in Arizona, shows that the judiciary feel they are above the will of the people.

LINK: "So, once again, in Arizona, a U.S. federal judge, David Bury, granted the activist lynch mob a temporary restraining order that keeps Gov. Janet Napolitano from signing Proposition 200 into law. "

What about the will of the people, states rights and all of the c onstitutional authority vested in the people and legislators? If this does not suit the judiciary, the will of the people appears to mean nothing.


  1. Dear Pat,
    I am not going to respond to the article, because I am a lady and the only things I have to about that situation are very unlady-like! AAARRRGGG! Reminds me of Prop 187, in CA, which I voted for!

    I wanted to write to thank you! I have gotten my feet back under me. Sometimes we just have to clean out our e-mail, instead of reading every little thing that MIGHT have some SOME bit of news! I'm not a computer! LOL So I did it. I cleaned out both of my e-mails and feel great! I even started writing again, with a little help from my friends. :) God bless you. Merry ChristMass!

  2. This is indeed the dangerous power today's federal judges have. They are wrong. However, they feel that they have more power than any other person or body. They seem to have missed the bit about checks and balances in government. Until legislatures get them under control and executives start ignoring them, they will continue.

  3. It sounds like this is just a 2 week delay in making this law. This article from the Arizona Replublic implies this will all pass. I can't say that I understand why it is such a big issue. The proposal says that illegal aliens can't apply for non-federally funded benefits.

    If you are going to make something illegal (like being an "illegal alien", then make it illegal. If we are willing to take these people in a support them while they work here, then make it legal.