Wednesday, December 29, 2004

U.N. unqualified for relief effort

Joseph Farah asks " why is the U.S. turning over U.S. taxpayer dollars to an incompetent, morally corrupt, unaccountable agency? "

Recounting the miserable failures of the United Nations in Food for Oil, the sexual predators in UN peacekeeping forces, the lack of accountability of any official within the UN, Farah is asking the right questions. The USA is called "stingy" and told to raise taxes to give more to the UN for humanitarian efforts following the tsumani.

As an American, I am tired of the UN and their pretentious officials telling my nation how we should spend our money while all the time being critical of whatever we do. The US has always led the way in helping other nations. Our tax dollars are sent all over the world to support people who are suffering. Recall our immediate offers of help to Iran after the Bam earthquake, remember our money going to help fight Aids in Africa. We are
sending relief supplies such as food, medicine, water purification equipment and manpower from medical teams. disaster teams to military to help secure the wellbeing of the survivors.

How dare some UN nitwit castigate us?

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  1. It is time we get out of the UN!!!!!