Thursday, December 23, 2004

I Am Thankful For Our President

"John-Henry Westen, (BA, MA) lives near Ottawa Ontario with his wife and six children. He is the co-founder and Editor of, an online daily news service covering issues of life, faith, family and freedom." In my online news, Mr. Westin writes of the lack of moral leadership in Canada.

"Lack of Moral Leadersip

One last reason why we are in such a mess here is the lack of moral leadership of the caliber found in the United States. We do not have here a Billy Graham, a Jerry Fallwell, a Chuck Colson or any equivalent of the late Cardinal O'Connor or some of the very outspoken U.S. Catholic bishops that were heard during the recent election.

The moral chasm between Canada and the US has widened under President Bush. The moral influence of a national leader on the citizenry has been recognized for centuries. Evangelists of old knew well that a country would soon follow its King to faith in Christ, therefore great effort was made to bring leaders to faith. The growing divergence in moral values between our neighboring countries seems to bolster the position. Everyone recognizes in President Bush a heartfelt Christianity which he practices without shame and which helps mold his policy decisions for the betterment of the US. In Canada, Prime Minister Paul Martin is a lapsed Catholic who, by his own admission, readily casts aside his faith when policy decisions which conflict with that faith are concerned.

However, with the enforcement of same-sex marriage on Canada by our unelected judges I have begun to see hope. Finally we are hearing some of the shepherds begin to speak out. Their voices must become much louder, and many more need to make themselves heard, and often. We need to defeat the Canadian loathing to be anything but politically correct. We need to have a conservative party in Canada that will stomach more than fiscal-conservatives and give voice to the millions of Canadians who still care for traditional values and know that they are key to a safe, and prosperous society."

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