Thursday, December 16, 2004

Public Education=Money, Money, Money

Recent headlines have reported plans for a court-ordered, $5 billion plus annual infusion of cash into New York City's public education system.
As public school performance in educating the nation's children seems to be on a continual downward slide, it is interesting to note that the salaries of school superintendents continues to rise well above the wages paid to Cabinet Secretaries. I don't know what the answers to our problems are, except that perhaps returning leadership to the smaller community schools might make our schools into places where education becomes less like big business. Cut those high salaries and hire another teacher or two to cut down on class size. Return control to the immediate community served rather than one school board that is responsible for huge, multi school districts.

Click on title to read Washington Post Article re. salaries


  1. "court-ordered."

    That's what bothers me the most. Tax money is to be spent by the legislature, NOT the judicial branch! They are WAY out of line on this one, and I wish someone would challenge them -- but that would take guts from the legislature...

  2. I agree that public education is in big trouble, and throwing money at it hasn't helped. The entire system needs to be restructured, and communities need to have more control. We need to get back to basics.