Sunday, December 05, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Last chance saloon for UN?

"If the report of the high-level panel on reform of the UN is followed up with action, the United Nations might be saved.

A new direction for the United Nations?
It is a big if.
The report has recommended a historic shift away from the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of a member state unless it was about to or had attacked another.
It has proposed the principle that if governments fail in their 'responsibility to protect' their citizens, then the UN has a duty and a right to intervene. "
'It has a number of other recommendations including a definition of the concept of "threats" that goes way beyond the threats of war to include social, environmental and medical disasters. And it has no hierarchy of threat. All are relevant."

I am not convinced that the majority of the countries in the UN truly want the organization to change. The corruption runs deep and I do not see recommendations to make the functions more transparent and reform measures to prevent another Oil For food type scandal. Unless such reform is instituted we will have more of the same.

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