Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Free Exercise Of Religion

"New York state has already made it illegal for hospitals to refuse the morning-after pill to rape victims, regardless of religious affiliation. One hospital has already been fined $46,000 for failing to administer the abortifacient." This information comes from

Seems to me this flies in the face of the establishment clause that states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Although this is state law, it surely should not supercede Constitutional law. This is prohibiting the free
exercise of the freedom for churches which have a long history of establishing hospitals to sustain life and improve health. By state law they are now to stock and dispense medication that instead causes death of a beginning life despite their religious convictions. Not only does this undermine the mission of the church supported hospitals, it forces the health care providers such as Christian doctors, pharmacists and nurses to performi a task which is against their religious principles.

I realize that all people are not against abortion by the use of the morning-after pill and that is their right to make their personal decision.
There are many physicians, pharmacists and nurses who personally support the use of such medication so that a rape victim does not suffer the added trauma of being pregnant. While I sympathize with rape victims, I am thankful that I was not put in a position of administering such a pill.

I began my nursing education in the early 1950s and was taught in my Christian hospital school that I had a legal right to refuse to participate in abortions. Seems these rights are no longer intact. The ability of church run institutions to perform health services in keeping with their faith based principles is no longer protected. Hospitals which are faith based have long refused to have abortions performed in their institutions. and thus we saw the establishment of clinics which were dedicated to abortion. Some politicians have recommended changing this and forcing hospitals to perform abortions and force the citizens of our nation to underwrite the cost of abortions for women in low income situations.

I respect the diversity of people in our nation. I am not on a crusade to overturn "Roe" or to make everyone follow the mandates of my faith.
I am against the steady erosion of religious freedoms by laws that force everyone to follow the secular humanism that is on a constant march to undermine the moral fabric of my country.

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  1. It just gets worse and worse doesn't it. I wonder how long it will be until Christianity is simply against the law.