Monday, January 24, 2005

A Reasonable View On Immigration

The Daily Demarche has some interesting thoughts and potential solutions to the problems of illegal Mexican immigrants. I encourage you to read it.

"I propose the following five-step plan. This is a necessarily simplified version to fit the blog, but you'll get the idea. Like any plan to conquer an addiction some of the steps may be tough to swallow at first- especially when it comes to admitting that the problem lies with us to begin with. Here are the Big 5 steps, with details following:

1. Establish a more secure employment document- the Social Security card does not work.
2. Punish American firms that hire illegal workers- this is the most important step.
3. Revise and expand the H2 visa category- not just for Mexicans, but for all, and require that issuance only occur in the country of origin of the alien.
4. Require legal workers to pay into Medicaid, and deny public benefits to illegal aliens found in America.
5. Reduce the amount of foreign aid granted to any country by a set or variable amount based on the costs associated with each illegal immigrant detained/treated/deported" LINK

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