Friday, January 14, 2005

State Department Studies Regarding Religion Phobias

"WASHINGTON, January 14 ( - The largest US Muslim civil liberties called on the State Department to issue a report on Islamophobia across the world, as American Muslims have complained of more anti-Islam TV rants.


The meeting came after the State Department released its first report on global anti-Semitism January 5, taking a country-by-country survey of anti-Semitism worldwide from July 2003, to December 15, 2004."LINK


I am quite certain that there are many instances where negative reporting or negative depictions of Muslims and Jews occur. However, as a Christian I am not as adept at picking up sterotypical portrayal of Muslims and Jews as I am in picking up the bias against Christians. Perhaps we need a State Departmanet study involving all instances in the USA where violations of "free exercise clause" of the first amendment occur. To highlight just one religious group such as Muslims or Jews would seem preferential given the many recent attacks on Christians who celebrate Christ's birthday in December, the Christians arrested in Philadelphia for exercising their right to proclaim their faith, and the intimidation of Christians voicing their belief in Biblical teaching against homosexuality as being a "hate crime" rather than the free exercise of faith. The study could include the number of reports in the media about the stupidity of Christians who voted for President Bush and mocked our values. A wider, global study could tally up all of the times the Arabic news and media refer to Christians and Jews as infidels who deserve death.

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