Friday, January 21, 2005

World press electrified by Bush vision

"World press electrified by Bush vision

'Hold on to your hats, this may be the most ambitious presidency ever.' That's the message from one Israeli paper after President George W Bush's inauguration - a message echoed across the world's press.
For China's press his speech raises the question whether Washington will head further down a 'unilateral' path in foreign relations.
One Polish paper heralds the speech as the dawn of a conservative revolution, while in Germany and Turkey there's a bleak forecast for the new Bush era."

This compilation from the newsmedia around the world show different views from almost wishing President Bush success to absolute fear that what President Bush said indicates many invasions and demanding all governments are copies of ours. Is it that English is a second language and therefore President Bush is totally misunderstood or is it that they are simply fearful that they may be asked to somehow assist others in gaining freedom
from oppression?

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