Monday, January 17, 2005

Ongoing Tsunami

"Another intense Asian tsunami may be a century away, but the abortion tsunami occurs every year. An overall constitutional amendment would be great, but in this meantime many lives can be saved through a compassionate conservative approach that features ultrasound machines, waiting periods, involvement of boyfriend or husband and both sets of parents, information about post-abortion syndrome and pro-adoption counseling." LINK

I don't know that Roe vs. Wade will ever be overturned. Change in this law would not be my first priority. I do agree that the use of ultrasound with the mother viewing her baby would go a long way in making a woman/girl realize that this is an actual living being that she is thinking of destroying. Involvement of the father and the potential grandparents also viewing the living baby they wish to kill may help change some minds and allow more babies to live. A waiting period with counseling about alternatives such as adoption and social services available to her during the pregnacy as well as the incidence of emotional distress, physical problems post abortion and the research data implicating the interruption of the normal hormone cycle throughout pregnancy and delivery to the incidence of breast cancer should be discussed.

As a Christian, I believe abortion is wrong. As an American, I accept that others with differing views must be allowed to express and act on their own beliefs. I recognize the need for tolerance of others values and become upset with the Newdow and ACLU types trying to repress my rights. As a former healthcare professional I highly value thorough patient education to allow the individual to make a truly informed decision. It is my belief that a woman/girl who is fully informed regarding the implications of her decision will be more likely to choose life.


  1. I definitely agree--once women come face to face with the reality of what an abortion is, I doubt that many would choose that option.

  2. A very good friend volunteers at a local Christian pregnancy center that offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling. She say that this is what God has called her to do. What is miraculous about this is that until she became a Christian she was adamantly pro-choice.