Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Letters for Our Troops

Slaglerock is once again collecting letters and messages for our troops at
LINK Take few minutes and send a letter or brief message of support and appreciation for our troops. They read this blog and read all the letters/messages in the comment section.

If someone would be kind enough to explain trackback and the mechanics of doing it, I will appreciate it. I noted in the comments section that I am not the only one who does
not use trackback. If you do, you can also post a letter and trackback to the Link above.



  1. Hi,
    I saw a comment you made on ogresview.blogspot.com/
    and thought you might like to check out this link:


  2. When you link to the trackback URL instead of the standard one, the target server records where the referral is coming from. Blogger currently doesn't support trackback from your site to other sites, but recommends using Haloscan, which along with providing more flexible commenting, records trackbacks from other sites to your site. See this page from Blogger Help. A little while ago, they suggested that users ask for the feature here, but now they just point you to Haloscan.

  3. I found this link to be particularly helpful. Turns out I didn't understand the way Haloscan did trackback.