Monday, October 03, 2005

The Anchoress Writes

The Anchoress has written her thoughts on Miers' nomination and President Bush's plan. She believes that Bush supporters need to stand firm and trust his first hand knowlege of this woman's view of the constitution. I can only add that unless this woman is a flat out deceiver, she could not have accepted the nomination if she did not agree with GWB's criteria to select someone in the Scalia/Thomas mode. She has been handling the selection process so she must be pretty clear on what GWB is looking for. Maybe I am naive to believe that a truly honest person would not accept
a nomination if the criteria being ascribed to her by the president is untrue. I have also read questions regarding her strength to hold to her views against those who have shown their activist leanings. She would not be the only conservative or are we to fear that a woman will want to please the only other woman on the bench and therefore compromise her own values. Let us learn a little more about her before we forget why we wanted Bush to win.

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