Saturday, October 15, 2005

Other People's Children Don't Matter

Madonna Says: “TV is trash . . . My kids don’t watch TV”

LONDON, October 13, 2005 ( – "Media icon and pop star Madonna said she does not allow her children to watch television because “TV is trash.”

“My kids don't watch TV,” she said. “We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies.”

An unlikely moralizer on matters of media – Madonna is famous for quite "trashy" performances and productions, including an explicit pornographic book, Sex, published in 1992 – Madonna has obvious sense when it comes to what her children should be exposed to.

“TV is trash,” she added, according to a This is London report. “I was raised without it. We don't have magazines or newspapers in the house either.”

A study published last fall revealed that teens who view television programs containing a lot of sexual content were twice as likely to become involved sexually at a younger age as teens who watched less."

This is good for Madonna's children AFTER making millions of dollars corrupting the minds of other people's children.


  1. So typical of the holier-than-thou celebrities.

  2. Yeah I read that and heard her on the Drudge Report. It is kind of weird to hear Madonna lecture us on morals.