Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blogger Eats Posts

This is the third post I have written today. I used blogger for one on the South Korean Catholics funding Adult stem cell research which made me happy. The second I composed. The first I saved as a draft, the second I posted and was told 100% file completed. Where they went is beyond my comprhension.


  1. Don't feel alone. I've had trouble the last few days with both Blogger and the Internet. (We had no Internet access most of Saturday, which meant our Internet business was out of business for a whole day. Ouch.) And Blogger ate one of my posts today. (Sigh.) I have no idea - none at all - how hard it is to keep all this technology up and running. I just hope the glitches get worked out soon.

  2. Pat... I'm sorry... yes it has happened to me. You'd think I'd learn to be careful and backup, but no... I'm always to much in a hurry.
    But Blogger is pretty good for free!
    That's the bright side.