Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'War and Peace'

Whenever I tried to forget all about the past and focus on the future, I hear a story that brings the past right in front of my eyes. What happened was so brutal and hard to forget.
We should make the world realize that, not to gain some pity or compassion, but to make sure that it will not happen again anywhere in the world.
I can't keep the story in my heart, for I can't bear the pain all by myself and I wish the whole world could share it with me.
This story is dedicated to all those who oppose what's happening in Iraq, that's to say; the Arab and Muslim world and the (peace activists) in the hope that it will make them pause for a while and reconsider their (noble stand).
This is one example that may help them imagine the (peace) we lived in."

As we celebrate with the Iraqi people who have apparently voted in sufficient numbers to ratify the constitution, it is good to reflect on one of the reasons this war in Iraq was justified. To free these people who suffered so greatly is a just cause.

War and Peace:

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