Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Prayers Please

Lasr November I requested prayers for Danny, my niece's husband who has end stage heart failure. Prayers have helped him continue to live and if all goes well he will have the Jarvik device implanted on November 7th. L writes, "Well, we finally got the date for Danny's surgery. He'll go in this Thursday to be prep'd and have a swan inserted in his neck to test his pressures, then the actual surgery will be Monday, November 7th. Dr. Jarvik will assist the surgeon and all Danny's prior surgeons (who implanted his valve and defribrillator) have also been invited and accepted the opportunity to view. Danny was told that he could then receive a donor heart as soon as one becomes available and is a match (he's O+ which is a good thing). What a gift that would be!"

Continued prayer will be appreciated.

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