Thursday, October 13, 2005

Iraqis Reach Deal on the Constitution

Mohammed at Iraq The Model wrote of the agreement to allow changes to the constitution after the December election. He is pleased by the change and feels he can now vote yes since the elections give Iraqis the opportunity to revisit some of the provisions that have concerned not only the Sunni but other minority groups of differing religious or secular leanings. Reading the comments regarding his post reveal many non Iraqis are happy to read this while the naysayers harp on the lack of following the law in making this change. Over half of the parliment evidently gave a voice vote in support of allowing the changes in hopes of increasing the chance for 'Yes' votes. Copies of the constition are being distributed throughout Iraq and I am certain the media in Iraq will announce and exzplain the post printing changes. I for one am glad that the Iraqi people will have a chance to vote for the initial constitution knowing that it's provisions have a chance of being modified to reflect the peoples views.

Iraqis Reach Deal on the Constitution
: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi leaders reached a breakthrough deal on last minute changes in the constitution Tuesday, and at least one Sunni Arab party said it would reverse its rejection of the document and urge its supporters to approve it in next weekend's referendum."
"Sunni Arabs are hoping to have a stronger representation in the next parliament and want to make major amendments to the constitution, particularly to water down the provisions for federalism, which Shiites and Kurds strongly support.

The other additions include a statement stressing Iraqi unity and another states that the Arabic language should be used in the Kurdistan region, along with Kurdish — issues important to the Sunni Arabs. The fourth underlines that former members of Saddam Hussein's ousted, Sunni-led Baath Party will only be prosecuted if they committed crimes."

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  1. I was over at ITM, and this certainly is good news! I go there, because I know I will get more news in one day than I'll get here in 6 months! :)

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