Friday, June 02, 2006


I support our military and believe that they follow the code of conduct and rules of engagement with rare exception. I am sorry to learn that charges have been filed against several for the killing of an innocent person. Investigations are being done and reported as being very thorough. As sad as this is, the American people and the world expects honorable behavior from our troops. I have never been in the military so can only try to imagine the feelings of our troops when living under constant threat when they are away from their base. I would like to think I would follow the code, but in actuality I cannot state that my emotions would remain under perfect control. We learn of charges filed against some individuals. Trials will occur, judgments made and penalties determined for those found guilty.

The press will continue to tell and retell the stories and persons such as Rep. Murtha will continue to use the incidents to further his talking points to disparage the military efforts in Iraq. Those who are so quick to judge the failure of the military in these rare instances, appear to have total disinterest into why so many persons in power in both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed in their duties to enforce the laws of our land pertaining to securing our borders and identifying illegal aliens and deporting them. WHEN WILL THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

I read about the failure of ICE, catch and release, sanctuary cities, failure to deport illegal aliens after being found guilty of felonies, granting green cards with a rubber stamp approach, and the apparent acceptance of ignoring our laws. Those in a position to identify these crimes against our nation and to insist our laws cannot be reinterpreted and ignored by whomever is administering the agencies supported by taxpayers are silent. I read of the new "wall" in the Senate immigration bill to forbid sharing of information between those who would do background checks and other government agencies who by law have authority to act on this information.

Much ado in congress about the warrant and subsequent search of Rep. Jefferson's office. How dare the FBI and a Federal Judge act after months of ignored subpoenas.
This has so stirred politicians in both parties that President Bush had to order the files sealed for 45 days to give the congressional critters a time to settle down. The immediate reaction to the violation of the sanctity of a congressional office is so great that talk of impeachment of the Attorney General and the Federal Judge has been raised.

Now, think again of the environment our troops are in. In Haditha, Marines saw one of their comrades cut in two by an IED. The remaining facts are yet to be made public. Did some of them go ballistic? We will find out in time. They have been tried by some already in the media and will face trial by the Military court. They will be held to the code of conduct. I am again assured about the integrity of the military in that they are investigating, determining the facts and following through to see that justice is done if innocents were targeted and killed. I have greater empathy for the troops how may have temporarily lost their self control and acted improperly than I do for those in public office who swear the same oath to protect and defend the Constitution and support the CODE OF CONDUCT (American Law). When will investigations be made, when will the public servants be called to account as we so quickly do with our military.

The argument will be that innocents were killed. I believe there are many innocents in our nation who also have been murdered and raped because of lax attention to the screening and deportation of illegal aliens? How many American youth have become addicted to the heroin and methamphetamine brought in over the border. I ask of those in power, when will the investigations begin and WHEN WILL THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

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