Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pesky Provisions In Senate Amnesty Bill

According to Numbers USA in yesterdays email, the Senate bill contains hidden provisions that would allow
". . . virtually all women IN THE WORLD who can show that they risk bad treatment from other individuals in their own culture because of their gender would now be eligible to move to America." Can you imagine the influx of women who might ask to immigrate under this provision? All of the wives of violent husbands, all of the women held in bondage under Sharia law could claim the need to immigrate.

Also. "the Senate bill gives the same sweeping right for foreign juveniles who feel at risk of mistreatment—to gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the U.S. and a GREEN CARD. " Who will be responsible for these juveniles? Who will support them until they reach adulthood?

I am so thankful for the Representatives who want to take time to truly examine the Senate bill and who will take time to talk to their constituents before rushing to move this very important matter into a bill.

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