Sunday, June 25, 2006


I had no internet contact on Saturday due to a cut fiberoptic cable. I used my time to read Ann Coulter's Godless.

She covers a range of topics very well with a lot of emphasis on the fallacies of global warming and evolution. While she documents well, it is her humorous commentary in the midst of serious discussion that make this so readable and enjoyable. I laughed a lot while reading. I also understand why the left criticizes her discussion of the Jersey girls. It is the only thing they can deride since they are unable to defend their stand for evolution and global warming with proof. The only thing they can criticize is that their victim spokespeople have been outed and once the public is aware of this the victims will not be as effective a tool.

Ann did not change my opinion because I share her beliefs in the main topics as well as my total agreement on her view of the currently mandated water saving toilet as opposed to the old style which she refers to as a "working toilet". I too recall the day when a single flush was sufficient to rid the bowl of liquid waste and four squares of single thickness toilet paper. How we save water when we must flush multiple times to rid the bowl of paper and sometimes solid waste is a mystery to me.

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