Monday, June 26, 2006

I Needed This

With the threats posed by Noth Korea, Iran and perhaps open war starting between Israel and the Palestinian, not to mention the treasonous behavior of leakers and
yellow rag sellers, I really needed a good laugh.

D.C. Metro to Get Spanish Signs, New Train to Mexico

By Scott Ott, Editor-in-Chief,
News Fairly Unbalanced. We Report. You Decipher.

(2006-06-25) — Officials at the Washington D.C. Metrorail system plan to meet the needs of a growing number of undocumented commuters by installing Spanish-language signs that would direct monolingual aliens to board a new one-way train to Mexico City.

The signs, which will cost from $500,000 to $900,000 per Metro station, will tell commuters who speak only Spanish that they’re boarding a train to take them downtown, or to various D.C. suburbs.

However, about 48 hours later, the express train will make its first stop in Mexico City, and disgorge all of its passengers before making the return trip empty on a parallel track.

Although advocates of English as the national language normally protest the use of taxpayer dollars to produce Spanish signs and literature, so far no complaints have arisen about the proposal.

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