Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where Is The Outrage???

Where are the Human Rights groups? Why, when two Americans in uniform are tortured and killed are these organizations quiet or still harping about the care of the 'poor innocents' at Gitmo? Where is the determination of our congressional leaders to overcome those whose only purpose is to cause the death and misery of anyone who does not share their warped religious views? Zarqawi was a madman who sawed off heads and yet our military offered some medical support during his dying process. Two young Americans who were willingly serving their nation were treated so brutally. I am quite certain they would have survived panties on their heads or prolonged standing or sleep deprivation with loud music. Instead of outrage because the Geneva Convention was violated by the terrorists, we continue to hear condemnation of the USA in the treatment of people captured on the field of battle. I only wish that our two citizens had been treated with half of the compassion we show to the captured who would kill us.

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