Friday, June 09, 2006

A Myth of Jobs Americans Won't Do

It seems to me that we need to identify the Americans who are looking for work, both unskilled and skilled such as craftsmen who have experience and desire to work and support their families. It would appear that illegal aliens, willing to work for less than established wages are displacing our own citizens. Much has been said that those who oppose full citizenship (for persons entering our nation illegally) are bigots and racists. We have worked for years to provide civil rights to a segment of our population that lived for years with discrimination. We are trying to measure Americans by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. We have not as yet attained this fully, but we are trying. Now it seems many are willing to downplay the contribution of a group of Americans so that we may show compassion for the downtrodden from another nation. Let us continue to fight for the civil rights of Americans first. Then if we need to import workers on a temporary basis, the laws and procedures may be developed. In fairness to all who wish to become Americans from all over the world, our current lawful immigration process should be followed.

ABC News/Christian Science Monitor
From where Johnny Blair Vaughn sits outside Lucy Florence Coffee House in the heart of Los Angeles's black community, he can feel the temperature rising over immigration. The biggest reason, says the father of seven, is jobs. 'If you drive across this city, you will see 99 percent of all construction is being done by Hispanics�You will see no African-American males on these sites, and that is a big change,' says Mr. Vaughn, who has worked in construction for two decades. His two oldest boys, in their early 20s, have been turned down so many times for jobs - as framers, roofers, cement layers - that they no longer apply, he says. While Los Angeles is ground zero for black-Hispanic friction these days, echoes of Vaughn's words are rising throughout urban black America as Congress labors over immigration reform. In cities where almost half of the young black men are unemployed, a debate is raging over whether Latinos - undocumented and not - are elbowing aside blacks for jobs in stores, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing plants, and elsewhere."

Culture War - The New Media

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