Sunday, June 18, 2006

What Did France Discover That the GOP Can't Grasp?

It appears that France has taken note of the lack of assimilation and problems that occur when people attempt to develop a nation within a nation. Although the French are mostly liberal, they support the initiative to determine who and when a person may immigrate. They have no anchor babies and do not guarantee an immigrants family may also immigrate. They have decided that France will identify it's needs as a nation and be selective in how these needs are met.

"The French immigration reform bill makes it more difficult for unskilled immigrants to settle in France, which in the past has created discord among French citizens who work menial jobs. The new bill, expected to be signed into law very soon, adds a number of tough measures to France's immigration policy."

"One significant provision is a requirement for immigrants to sign a contract agreeing to learn French and to respect the principles of the French Republic. In addition it makes it more difficult for them to bring their families over to join them. It also offers no provision for so-called anchor babies who are afforded citizenship as a result of being born in the country."


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