Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do We Need A New National Party?

I remain an Independent voter with strong fiscal conservative views. I believe in States Rights, parental rights and even more importantly in individual rights.This nation has survived since its inception as one nation under God. The views of a few atheists and that of the ACLU should not be allowed to change the character of the nation. I support the constructionist view of our constitution. I do not feel I qualify as a far right wing nut or far left moonbat (terms in common use although I find them demeaning).

Democrats seem to feel that the low polls regarding congressional performance is the sole fault of the Republicans. The media repeat the refrain that because the Republicans have the majority in both houses the public will and should turn out the Republicans up for election in November.

As an Independent, I will vote for the person I feel best meets our nations needs despite party affiliation. I would like to go on record and state that congress rates pretty poorly because of the overt partisanship that has led to no progress on Social Security reform, no progress straightening out the ridiculously complex tax code which is full of loopholes for the wealthy. The blocking of cloture allowing nominees for open judgeships is disgraceful. It is those who block any meaningful debate to improve the well being of the nation who disgust me. Congress earns generous salaries, has a superb retirement package and live a life full of perks at the taxpayer expense. For the generosity of the taxpayers, I think it is fair to expect them to tend to the nation's business and forget the pandering to party lines. I keep looking for a statesman/stateswoman from either party.

President Bush is not perfect. He has a difficult job and has tried to protect our nation. The constant criticism of past events is rehashed and rehashed ad nauseum.
Criticism without an effective alternative plan does nothing but demoralize the citizens. Negative portrayal of our volunteer military forces really angers me. The blocking of ROTC and military recruiters is unacceptable. These men and women respond to whatever orders they are given. Many are in active areas of conflict and many become involved in humanitarian aid when disaster strikes. The military rate much higher in my esteem than the politicians of either major party.

Perhaps we do need a third party as Peggy Noonan suggests in her article
Third Time

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