Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kerry Wrote to Me

I believe this to have been written on Microsoft Windows to distribute via Email. The header said it was from John Kerry and it had a signature purported to be John Kerry's. Dan's experts were unavailable to verify this, so read it at your own risk. In no way do I verify or stand behind the comments. I merely removed parts of it for brevity. I did delete the appeals (multiple) for funding.

"Dear Friend,
We are at one of the defining moments of this campaign -- one of those points we will look back on when we win. We will remember that George Bush and Dick Cheney tried to completely ignore reality -- and we will remember that we stood side by side and refused to let them get away with it.

George Bush and Dick Cheney wake up every morning with their fingers crossed, hoping the American people will ignore their miserable record, forget their trail of failures, and fear the future. But with your help, we are going to make sure that the American people see through their bluster and posturing, and see what a mess they have made.

"The biggest risk to America's future is four more years of Bush-Cheney's incompetence, misinformation, and ill intent.

There are seven critical weeks left in this campaign. There will be moments when everything seems to be going our way -- and times when we will wish events were moving in a different direction. But we will never lose faith. We will never stop working for victory. And we will never yield an inch to our opponents.

The rest of this campaign will be tough. But, we will be tougher. They will throw everything they have at us. But we will give as good as we get. And when the dust settles on Election Day, we are going to pull through to victory."

Signature of John Kerry???

We have now been warned. K/E will not yield an inch.

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