Monday, September 06, 2004

Our Nation's Future

I would encourage all who have made up their mind and all who are unsure about this coming national electiom to view this (see link below). Admittedly, I am pro Bush since I believe we need a man who puts his trust in our Lord to lead this nation in these threatening times. I feel we need a leader, who after consulting with his advisors, is able to make a decision based on the best information available. I want a man who tries his best to be true to his Lord and follows a route, however unpopular, because he is convinced this is the best route for our nation. I am an independent voter who has never been registered with a political party. I have voted for Democrats as well as Republicans. I do not accept all of the Republican domestic agenda, but sincerely feel that without national security any and all domestic programs will be of little value. I urge all of you to pray that God will continue to grant His grace to our nation and that the terrors the Russian school children faced will not be repeated here at home or in another nation. Above all else, I encourage you to vote your conscience.

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