Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Liberal Agenda in Spain

Funding for Church to be slashed by Spanish leader "Mr Zapatero's first act after winning the general election in March was withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq, to the irritation of America and Britain. He then turned on the Church, which he views as part of the 'old Spain', announcing a string of reforms that have infuriated ecclesiastical authorities.

Mr Zapatero plans an entire programme of social reform, including equality for homosexuals, allowing women to inherit the Spanish throne, liberalising abortion laws, lifting restrictions on embryo research and cracking down on domestic violence."

Further enraging conservatives, the government has drawn up plans to finance the teaching of Islam in state-run schools and to give funds to mosques on the grounds that it will create greater understanding of the country's one million Muslims."

Except for the last paragraph, it sounds like the Spanish leader could easily fit his agenda into our liberal party in the US. Although the United States has never had a state religion, our Constitution was founded by Christians who incorporated their beliefs and our laws were established using the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments. Zapatero is following the aims of the ACLU in that he wants crosses removed.

Again, I will state my willingness to have persons of good will immigrate in the United States. I do however strongly resent unwillingness to assimilate within our culture by demanding that we eliminate symbols of our heritage because it is offensive to them. If they are not able to enjoy the freedom to retain their faith, their culture and religion withinn what has been the norm since the birth of the US, perhaps they should reside elsewhere.

The liberal agenda has been successful in removing prayer from our schools, forbidden baccalaureate services associated with graduation, prevented display of Nativity scenes or the Ten commandments from public buildings and land and mocked the faith of Christians who still speak of their beliefs publicly. Court battles have been waged to remove crosses from county seals and one nation "under God" from our national pledge.

Muslims are attempting to build enclaves of Muslim only residences. They are building schools which teach the radical form of Islam. Will it be long before attempts are made to incorporate Muslim teachings and symbols in state affairs.

I am not anti Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion. I merely want this melting pot
of a country not to lose site of it's heritage while giving freedom to some while slowly stripping Christians of theirs.

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  1. Oh No Pat!
    Prepare to be called a bigot and a racist.
    We have the same situation in the UK, particularly with Muslims, whereby, we bend over backwards to accept their culture, and they in turn DO NOT accept ours.
    I am sick to death of the PC brigade dictating to the indiginous majority, and if you ask minority groups what they want, the majority of them are quite happy to stay as they are, because it seems it's only the activists who are causing the unrest.