Sunday, September 12, 2004

Iraq The Model

Mohammed's post today states far more eloquently the case for the WOT than I am able to do. This Iraqi, living in the war torn land is able to verbalize the continued need for us to continue to battle those who prefer death to life. I urge you to read this.
Ali has written an additional post regarding his theories about the terrorist in Iraq. As always, the posts of these brothers give us much food for thought.
Mohammed's post is now below Ali's post, so just scroll on down.

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hi Pat,

    I will read those, if I haven't already. I usually read Iraq the Model every day or two. I read what I missed if I can't get to them. These men are wonderful! All they want if freedom, and not only for themselves-for all of Iraq and the world! I love these guys and depend on them for updates. When something happens over there, I don't look at our news, I look to them to tell me the truth. They do. How refreshing! God bless all of you!