Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert

What is happening in our country? How can a person, who claims to be anti-war, violently attack someone for wearing a T-shirt they do not agree with. What has happened to the use of civil debate of opposing views? What has happened to the citizens of our great nation pulling together in times of national crisis?

I am apalled at the behavior of one person attacking another because they do not agree with the other person's perceived point of view. I personally do not like war and wish another way would make our nation safe from attack. We have a long history of trying diplomacy, appeasement or limited strikes which have obviously failed. What is the alternative to war? Can we expect the anti-war activists to come to the defense of their fellow citizens if we are attacked once again on our homeland? Will they come up behind our nations enemies and hit them on the head? What a cowardly way to approach.

Violence against a person for their race, sexual orientation, political beliefs,
religion or stance on war is never acceptable. This behavior must be prosecuted under anti-hate laws. Our parents and schools need to once again teach the golden rule. Less emphasis on self image and a lot more on the social skills needed to live in a diverse society should be included. If you learn to live with others in peace you can have a healthy self image. If you grow up thinking your are okay and the rest of the world is not, you are destined to a live filled with hate and violence.
If you are so self-centered, that rights guaranteed by our constitution only apply to you and those who feel just as you do, you are destined to lose those rights along with the rest of us.

Our brave men, who have been wounded in the service of our nation, deserve our respect and support. The families who have lost a loved one in the service to our country deserve our sympathy and respect. To do otherwise is to deny the very traits that have made our nation great.

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