Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The Democrats are preparing as follows:

Dear Supporter,

We've got to spend every dollar as carefully and wisely as we can between now and November. And as we learned in Florida in 2000, we have to expect the unexpected on and after Election Day. That's why I'm writing to ask for your immediate help on a very special project.

Election Day is several weeks away, but our campaign is already considering our options should John Kerry or George Bush pursue a recount like the famous Florida ballot dispute in 2000. That year, the Bush campaign raised more than $14 million in the Florida crisis, compared to Al Gore's campaign, which raised $3.2 million. We can never again be outspent 4-to-1 in such a critical situation.

Help us get a head start funding our recount efforts: https://contribute...

Our campaign is asking the Federal Election Commission whether we could use our GELAC fund to pay the expenses associated with a recount effort. We are optimistic that the FEC will rule by the end of the month. But we can't wait. We need to begin raising funds now.

Your GELAC contribution will also help in other vital and even more immediate ways. It can free up more of the limited public funds we have available to buy media, support candidate travel, and pay for direct contact with voters. Here's how it works. The law allows candidates like John Kerry, who accept public financing, to raise private contributions to cover legal, accounting, and related administrative costs. Without sufficient GELAC funds, we would have to divert portions of our public financing allotment to cover those costs.

That's a step we simply can't afford to take.

Contribute to our critical GELAC fund here: https://contribute...

I urge you to help us raise the maximum for GELAC. That way, we can spend our entire general election budget on the things that matter the most. That's our goal. Please act today to help us meet it.

Thank you,

Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager

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  1. Dear Pat,

    I want to call her a bad name, but she needs prayer instead. Why is it that we always have to take it on the chin? I know, because we love Him Who loves us. I know. Just sometimes...maybe once...! LOL God bless your family and you. Hugs.