Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Master of Diplomacy???

While in Des Moines in March, Kerry said during a speech at the downtown Marriott Hotel that Bush has been impatient, which has cost the U.S. support from its allies. "The greatest position of strength is by exercising the best judgement in the pursuit of diplomacy," he said, "not in some trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted, but in a genuine coalition."

Now in September, Kerry called the president's talk about a coalition fighting alongside about 125,000 U.S. troops "the phoniest thing I've ever heard."
He pledged to internationalize the forces in Iraq and do a better job of fighting "a more effective, smarter" war on terror that he said would actually make Americans safer.

Although he declined to set a precise timetable for pulling out U.S. troops, Kerry said it would be possible if certain conditions were met, such as bringing allies to the table to help with security and reconstruction.

Now Georgia, a country now independent of the old USSR. is considering sending troops to Iraq. Putin is being forced to declare war on terror since that terrible event in Beslan with the loss of so many lives, over half of them being children.

Should Kerry be elected, who will he diplomatically encourage to join this oh so much better coalition. France and Germany come to mind. Just how many troops will these two "allies" provide? How much of the economic burden will they lift from the Americans?

How many of the "coerced, bribed, the bought and extorted" in Bush's "phoniest coalition" will choose to work with this diplomat? If I were a leader of one of these countries that has stood with the US, giving what I could in troop strength
and treasury, I surely would think twice about supporting a country whose elected leader has disparaged my nation's efforts again and again.

Kerry repeatedly talks of his great ability to get nations to work together. Let us watch and see if he is able to get his campaign staff to work together. Surely some of his faithful who have borne the brunt of his wrath may be questioning if they want to continue to work with him.


  1. Keep fighting the good fight in NC!!

  2. France is definitely out of the question regardless of who is President. Chirac could be elected here and he still wouldn't send French troops to Iraq. He has said so multiple times. Germany won't send troops either. As of late, they are upset over the loss of the U.S. base in Germany.

    The position of John Kerry "including" these so-called allies of the United States is an absolute joke. During his convention speech and numerous other speeches, he made the comment that his plan in Iraq is to bring in other countries so he could replace our troops with theirs. Who in the right mind would do that?

    It won't happen. It's just another empty promise by John Kerry who can't seem to stick to the same story. It is absolutely hilarious that there are people out there that believe he can deliver this promise, but then again they are the ones that buy into the premise that no one landed on the moon.