Sunday, September 26, 2004

Presidential Prayer Day 4

News from the Great Beyond posted today's prayer.

"Abba Father, I come before You today in thankfulness and humility. Thank You that You allowed us to be born into (or to come to live in) a country where we are free to worship You, and where we have the freedom of self-government. Thank You that we not only have the right, we have the responsibility to vote.
I ask that in preparation for this upcoming election, You would prepare the hearts of Your people to exercise this right and this responsiblity. Father, You alone are all-wise and all-knowing, and You know the plans You have for this country and who it is that will best lead us in the direction You have chosen. I ask that You would give us understanding, and that You would give us peace whatever the outcome.
I ask specifically, Lord, for those who have not voted before this election, that they would be impressed with the need to cast their vote in determining the future direction of this country. Lord God, stir up in them a desire to make their voices and values heard - not only in the race for the Presidency, but also in their local states and communities.
We ask that Your will be done in our lives, as well as in our country.
In Jesus' name,
So let it be."

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