Thursday, September 30, 2004


Soccer Moms, as a voting group, gives way to Security Moms and Grand moms. This pleases me, since I see security as the greatest need for our country, among the pivotal issues being discussed. I have held this view, for more than a year, before the phrase was coined.

I see President Bush as a serious, people loving man. He demonstrates caring as in when he hugs a young girl who lost her mom in the 9/11 disaster. The only reason we, as a nation, saw this was because her Dad snapped a picture. I read about his visits to our wounded where he kneels at the bedside to pray with a soldier and when the President holds a salute until the wounded drops his salute first. These reports come to view not because it was planned as a photo op, but because family or military persons who witnessed this report it. He obviously loves his family: his wife, children, parents and siblings. Despite his wealth, he is able and willing to perform hard physical labor when at home. He submits to a higher authority and is not afraid to speak of his personal faith in our Lord.

He was strong, resolute and reassuring after 9/11. His love for the United States of America is obvious.
He is able to make decisions, after consultation with advisors, and stay the course. He is not poll dependent and risked his presidency to follow his best judgment. When things go wrong as we pursue the war, he does not blame others. He is loyal to his staff. He sees the terrorists in clear terms and chooses to fight them where they are instead of waiting for them to attack us at home. He is capable of working with leaders of other countries when those countries work toward the common good. He is able to work without those countries who serve their self interest before the common good for the world. He honors those leaders of countries who are willing to stand with the United States and does not deride those who
choose not to join with us. He views liberty as the right of all men.

I see John Kerry as an effete, self serving man. He has grown accustomed to the "finer" things in life and has managed to marry two women who are capable of providing these things. He enjoys his rich man's image be it in the sports he engages in or flying a hair stylist across country to cut his hair. He collects the rich man's toys. He panders to the poor and middle class by trying to pass himself off as a regular guy who feels their pain over health care costs and job loss.
When you look at his income tax records, many years there were no charitable contributions claimed. His money, his wife's money and his choice for vice president all take advantage of loopholes in the law to minimize their tax burden.

He, in my view, enjoys the prestige of his position but lacks the dedication to his constituents and nation. He missed many meetings on national security while still "working" at his senate job. Once he decided to run for the presidency, he left his constituency without representation in the senate and yet refused to resign so that those people could have a working senator. When things go wrong, he blames others. He fell, it was the fault of the secret service. Wrong records are posted and it is some staff members fault. When the 9/11 commission report was produced, he immediately said he would implement all of its recommendations and keep the commission on for 18 months to oversee the changes. My immediate reaction to this was, he would not have to take responsibility for the outcome. Scapegoats would be in place. What time did he take to thoroughly review the report? What was truly right for our nation? He began criticizing the President for not immediately accepting and implementing all provisions of the recommendations.

He selected a campaign staff who were loyal to him but he continued to add to the staff members who offer different methods of campaigning. He does not seem to know how to manage a campaign. How can he lead our country? He is unable to articulate exactly what his positions are. He panders to specific groups making promises that will be very difficult to fulfill. If given an opportunity to be top dog in France, I think he would prefer it to living in the United States. He seems to feel that America is somehow to blame for anything and everything that goes wrong. He denigrates the countries who have been our strongest allies in the past few years. He insults the integrity of both our President and the leaders of other nations. His commentary on Prime Minister Allawi's visit shamed our nation.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I couldn't have said it better myself.


  2. Pat, I've noticed that all the sports sKerry likes are solitary ones, but the President likes team sports, except for golf, but especially baseball. To me, that says something about their character. sKerry doesn't play golf, it requires character! Just a thought! LOL

    I linked your post to my blog yesterday. What a super e-mail that was!