Monday, September 20, 2004

Wichita Eagle | 09/20/2004 | Kerry backers devise vote-swap scheme

Kerry backers devise vote-swap scheme


Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA - Pssst! Want your vote to count? In Ohio? Or Florida?
You can now arrange to trade votes with a voter in another state, under a plan created by activists who don't want Ralph Nader to siphon off votes from John Kerry in vital swing states.
Today, a group called will start hooking up Kerry voters in 'safe' Democratic or Republican states with third-party voters in hotly contested states. The goal: to get would-be third-party voters to vote for Kerry in swing states, in exchange for Kerry supporters voting for Nader or Green Party candidate David Cobb in secure states.
That way, third-party candidates would get as many popular votes as otherwise, while Kerry would maximize his votes in states where they matter most. For instance, a voter in 'safe' New Jersey could agree to vote for Nader, in exchange for a voter in 'swing' Ohio agreeing to vote for Kerry.
The organizers of insist vote-trading is legal, but some state elections officials are not so sure.
Organizers say they will begin linking voters today, at their Web site, Voters will be paired by e-mail, so they can 'make sure that their partner is pledging in good faith.'"


  1. This is really disturbing and shows the desperateness of the Left.

    Great find.

  2. To me,...

    A perfect example of the worst of Generation X, Y, Z, et. al.'s rap talking, slow walking, video game cheat code, what, me worry?, consequences, be damned!... Generation; showing lack of life experience, mores and concern for individuals or their Nation's sanctity of franchise...Robby Gordon...anyone?

    With individuals of my Generation (aka: Dan Rather) leading the way; should one be actually surprised? After the Demoncrats chose John Kerry their candidate; nothing really surprises this ole' cummerbund!

    Ditto!...on the article's discovery.